Often our clients gather cash from group members and aren’t sure how to pay us. There a few payment methods that you can choose from:

  1. Paying cash. If you are in our area and you prefer to pay cash, just pop by our offices. We would love to meet you! (We are based in Salt River)
  2. Electronic fund transfers. EFT’s are the most common payment method used by our clients. Simply transfer your group’s money into your account. (This can be done at a cash accepting ATM or at your bank branch.)  You can then EFT your payment with your reference into our account.
  3. Cash Deposit at a branch. Going into a branch to deposit your group’s cash into our account is another method that can be used, however this is the most expensive. Banks charge a cash deposit fee of 1.65% of your total payment which will be charged to your final invoice. If you prefer to do a cash deposit at a branch, get your friends to each chip in so that you don’t have to pay this our of your own pocket.
  4. Paying through your University. Simply let us know to make the invoice out to your University, we know how they need it. You will then need to process the payment request with the help of your treasurer or department secretary.  This can take time, so just send us your internal request and we will get started on your order in the meantime.